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How to keep mimosa in a vase longer fluffy

We might not be blessed living in a climate where we are surrounded by Mimosa trees but we should be grateful that they still make their way to the flowers shops. January is the time we get to find mimosas in the flowers shops throughout Europe.

Mimosa is one beautiful yet tender flower. It brings immense joy with its round fluffy bright yellow balls to anywhere you place them. They are now in season and you can find them in most of the flower shops. They will add color and happiness, especially you might need it more than ever as the cold and gloomy winter days seem to never end.

As pretty as they are, it is tricky to keep their branches fluffy for long. Here are a few tips for you to try to keep mimosa fluffy as long as possible.

  1. Mimosa doesn't like a warm environment so place it in a cool location where it doesn't get any direct sunlight.

  2. Mimosa loves humidity in the air. If you have a humidifier, perfect! You can place them close to the humidifier. Don't worry if you don't have one as you can also spray water regularly on its branches.

  3. As for any flowers, do not place mimosas into cold water. There's a perception among many that when they place flowers in cold water they would keep their freshness longer. Wrong! Flowers don't like cold water. Always place them in lukewarm water.

  4. You can put one tablet of aspirin in the water to make it last longer in its pretty fluffy look.

  5. If the tiny yellow balls start losing their fluffiness, you can dip them in hot water or keep them under hot steam. This will bring them back to their fluffy state. (If this is not working for your mimosas, keep in mind that sometimes flower shops do this already to get their appealing look before they sell them) So, unfortunately, there's nothing further you can do about it apart from enjoying the mimosas as in their new state.

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