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How to keep mimosa in a vase longer fluffy

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

We may not be fortunate enough to live in a climate surrounded by Mimosa trees, but we should be grateful that they still find their way to flower shops. In January, it's the perfect time to find mimosas in flower shops throughout Europe.

Mimosa is a stunning yet delicate flower that brings immense joy with its round, fluffy, bright yellow balls wherever you place them. They are currently in season and can be found in most flower shops. Adding color and happiness, they are especially appreciated during this seemingly never-ending cold and gloomy winter.

However, as beautiful as they are, keeping their branches fluffy for a long time can be quite tricky. Here are a few tips for maintaining the fluffiness of your mimosa for as long as possible:

- Mimosa prefers a cool environment, so place it in a location away from direct sunlight.

- Mimosa thrives in humid air. If you have a humidifier, that's perfect! You can place the mimosa close to it. If you don't have a humidifier, you can also regularly spray water on its branches.

- Just like any other flowers, avoid putting mimosas in cold water. Contrary to popular belief that cold water helps maintain freshness, flowers don't appreciate it. Always use lukewarm water.

- Adding an aspirin tablet to the water can help prolong the mimosa's fluffy appearance.

- If the tiny yellow balls start losing their fluffiness, you can try dipping them in hot water or exposing them to hot steam. This should restore their fluffy state. Please note that flower shops may sometimes apply this technique to create an appealing look before selling them. If that's the case, there's unfortunately no further action to take besides enjoying the mimosas in their current state.

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