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Hello there! I'm Zizi...

...a former florist who has now transitioned into the world of botanical art. My love for flowers has always been deep-rooted, but as I became more concerned about the environmental impact of commercially grown blooms, I decided to shift my focus to the wonders of nature.

My artwork is inspired by the beauty of nature and follows a simple, beautiful, and timeless style. Through my art, I aim to convey the feelings of tranquility, joy, and inspiration that nature always offers me.

As a former florist, I had the privilege of working with the most exquisite blooms and adorning my home with their beauty. Yet I could never quite satisfy my desire to truly capture the essence of these flowers.

That's when the idea struck: why not immortalize these flowers through prints? And so, my handmade floral prints were born. Each print is meticulously crafted using fresh flowers, each of which possesses its own unique charm. Some flowers are delicate, others light and airy, while some are rough, hard, and prickly. This diversity allows every printing experience to be a fresh and exciting one.

Experimenting with colors and blending them during the printing process brings me great joy. I limit myself to just five colors, but by skillfully mixing them, I achieve the distinct hues present in my prints. Each print is an individual masterpiece, serving as a magical reflection of the flower's inherent beauty.

I hope you will fall in love with my prints just as I have.

Copy of Thank You card (148 x 105 mm).png
2021_Xixi_floral prints-3672.jpg
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