I am Zizi, a florist, and a self-taught artist who has been working in the 'world of flowers for many years. I have had the privilege to work with the most beautiful flowers as a florist and to have wonderful fresh flowers in my home but still, it simply wasn't enough. Observing my flowers, I was inspired to give them a lasting life by means of printing.  

Mixing colours is where I begin to get creative. That is why I keep my colour choices to only five and by mixing, I achieve the distinct colours in my prints. In my latest Collection, my inspiration was minimalist colours, such as muted green and blush, and I blended in some soft natural tones to bring warmth to the softness and airiness of minimalist tones. 

My passion is to capture the beauty of flowers by means of printing and give them lasting life. By doing that I hope to bring joy and calmness of nature in any interior, whether home, office or holiday home.