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It was not a dream

It's still hard to believe that I moved countries almost half a year ago. Before moving to the Netherlands I had the privilege to live in Switzerland, one of the most beautiful places in the world in terms of nature and landscape. A simple walk in the countryside, by the lake, or a hike in the mountains would make my heart sing in awe.


This new collection is named “It was not a dream” as a tribute to the beauty of Swiss nature and the days I spent living there. I still remember I’d frequently pinch myself to believe what I was living and the beauty that was surrounding me,

was simply not a dream.


Maybe I pinched myself hard and woke up from a sweet sweet dream. But I know the hundreds of imprints of nature's treasures that I made, alongside the wonderful memories that I have with me are proof that “it was not a dream."


Capturing the true beauty of a flower or leaf on paper brings me joy, calm and deep fulfillment. It is so magical to turn something so simple and overlooked into a calming piece of artwork. This collection is deeply inspired by the endless beauty nature offers us. My goal is to bring the calm and joy of nature into any space and inspire you to live a life connected with nature.


I hope you will find the pieces that would suit your interior and those pieces would bring the joy and calm of nature to your space.


Surround yourself with what you love,

Copy of Thank You card (148 x 105 mm).png
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