... and I can't get enough of flowers. That's how my journey started a few years ago. I have had the privilege to work with the most beautiful flowers as a florist and to have wonderful fresh flowers in my home but still, it simply wasn't enough. Observing my flowers, I was inspired to give them another life by means of printing.


All my floral prints are handmade, using fresh flowers. Every flower is beautiful but also different. Some flowers are very delicate, some are light and some are airy whereas some are rough, hard and prickly. That is why printing by using them offers a new experience every time. 


Playing with colours and mixing them during the printing process is good fun. I keep my colour choices to only 5 and by mixing, I achieve the distinct colours on my prints. 


Each print is unique and is a magical reflection of the true beauty of the flower itself.

I hope you like my prints as much as I do. 

With floral regards,

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