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The Collection 'It was not a dream.'

Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Zizi and I am thrilled to share my journey with you.


Only a year ago, I embarked on an incredible adventure by moving to the Netherlands. But before that, I had the privilege of calling Switzerland home, a place renowned for its breathtaking nature and landscapes. The simple act of taking a walk in the countryside, strolling by the lake, or hiking in the majestic mountains was enough to fill my heart with awe and wonder.


This new collection, aptly named "It was not a dream," pays homage to the beauty of Swiss nature and the unforgettable days I spent living there. I can still vividly recall how I would often pinch myself, unable to believe the reality I was experiencing and the sheer beauty that surrounded me. It truly felt like a dream.


Perhaps I pinched myself hard, finding myself awakened from what seemed like a sweet, sweet dream. Yet, the countless memories I hold close to my heart and the tangible imprints of nature's treasures I created along the way serve as undeniable proof that "it was not a dream."


Capturing the true essence of a flower or leaf on paper brings me immense joy, serenity, and a profound sense of fulfillment. There is something truly magical about transforming the simplest and most overlooked elements of nature into calming works of art. Every piece in this collection is deeply inspired by the boundless beauty that nature generously offers us.


My ultimate goal is to infuse the calm and joy of nature into any space, inspiring you to live a life deeply connected with the natural world. I sincerely hope that you will find pieces from this collection that resonate with your interior style and preferences. It is my wish that these artworks will bring the same joy and tranquility to your space that nature has brought to mine.


Remember, surround yourself with what you love, and let the beauty of nature enrich your life.


Thank you for visiting,

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