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2021_Xixi_floral prints-5984.jpg

Hello! I'm Zizi,
a florist turned into a botanical artist.

The vivid memories of my childhood are mostly connected to nature. I loved living in the countryside. Nature was my playground. Now, whenever I am in nature it doesn't only bring me joy and calm but I also feel connected to my childhood memories.

Since I moved to Switzerland, this feeling of connectedness grew even bigger. Nature gave me endless inspiration in my work and made me feel safe in this last year of continuous uncertainties.

When I pick flowers and branches on my walks to arrange them in a vase at home, I love watching them over time to witness their ever-changing beauty. A closed bud would open up slowly turning into a beautiful full blooming flower in a day or two. Their beauty would flee very quickly though. The petals would fall down and those beautiful standing stems would wilt eventually.

That's why I wanted to turn their fleeting beauty into something more lasting and personal.


Capturing the true beauty of a flower or leaf on paper brings me joy, calm and deep fulfillment. It is so magical to turn something so simple and overlooked into a calming piece of artwork.

I hope you will find the pieces that would suit your interior and those pieces would bring the joy and calm of nature to your space.

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