Ordering a Custom Floral Botanical Print


All my floral prints are originally handprinted, using fresh flowers and foliage. Every flower is beautiful but also different. Some flowers are very delicate, some are light and some are airy whereas some are rough, hard, and prickly. That is why printing with them offers a new experience every time.

Custom floral botanical print is a great way to capture the beauty of a flower or foliage that is special to you. It might be done with the flowers in your wedding bouquet or simply with your favorite flower or foliage. Or maybe you are looking for a significant color that would suit your interior. Whatever the reason is, this way is perfect to treasure flowers or foliage that are special to you.

How it works? 

All custom orders are created based on the designs seen in the website or in the portfolio. 

  • Fill out the custom order request form and submit it.

  • I will email you back and let you know your request was received. I may require more information. 

  • Once we agree on the basics, I will start with your custom print.


  • I will make a couple of options for you to choose from.

  • Once the creative process is finished, I will email you photos of the prints. 

  • I hope one of the prints will speak to you but if not, no worries! I will take your feedback if there is something specific you are not happy with, and make a couple of new prints. 

  • Once you are happy with your print, I will start the payment and shipping process. 

Good to know


  • Due to the nature of flowers, certain flowers don't give a good imprint. I will inform you in case if your favorite flowers are amongst these. 

  • I can only print with fresh flowers that's why it is important that the flower requested should be in season. 

  • Each print is unique and it is the magical reflection of the flower's beauty. So I can not replicate the flower itself but will certainly capture its magical beauty. 

  • I keep my color choices to only 3 and by mixing black and white, I achieve distinct colors on my artwork so it may not be the exact requested color.​

​* *Please note that due to the time constraints and the nature of custom orders, I may not be able to accept all custom requests.

Custom Order Request Form 

Fill out the custom order request form below and submit it. 

Some ideas for custom floral botanical prints

  • Wall art to suit your interior

  • Flowers from your wedding bouquet

  • Bookmarks to gift as keepsakes to wedding guests. 

  • A design to be applied on an invitation

  • A design to be used for your business

  • Your favorite flowers