Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request a custom order?

To request a custom print, you can either send an email or you can fill out a request form here.  It is important to me to learn as much as possible about your wishes so I can help you with your request.  

How long does it take to complete the order?

It depends on my schedule but on a normal schedule, once we agree on the details I get to complete an order in 3 days to a week. Please make sure to mention if the custom order is required for a certain date. 

Can you make a print with every flower? 

No, I can't. Unfortunately, due to the nature of flowers, certain flowers don't give a good imprint. If you can name more than one flower for your wishes, that would be great. When I know your flower|foliage wishes I will inform you if I can make prints with your wishes. 

Also, the flower should be in season so I can provide it to print. 

Can you use dried flowers? 

No, I can't. All my prints are handprinted using fresh flowers and foliage. ​

Can I make copies of the original print? 

Artwork copyrights belong to the artist. However, if you would like art prints of your original print whether to share with family or friends or to have it in a bigger size, please contact me directly. I would be happy to have high-quality giclee prints made for you. Thank you.

If we agreed on the use of the design for your business (website, printed materials, etc.) or on any kind of printed material that would be published in multiple quantities, the name of © XIXI Floral Botanical Prints should be credited.

Can you deliver any color? 

I keep my color choices to only 3 and by mixing black and white, I achieve distinct colors on my artwork so the color will be as close as possible to the requested color.​

Can I cancel a custom order?

Once we agree on the details and I start the creative process, you cannot cancel the custom order. My goal is for you to be happy with your custom print, and I do my utmost best to create a print that is special for you.

How much is shipping?

Shipping for custom artwork will vary depending on the size of the print. You will be informed about the shipping costs once we agreed on the size of your order. 

Local clients who would like to pick up their order can contact me and so we can arrange that.