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How to choose the right wall art for your space?

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Choosing wall art for your space doesn't always come naturally. Having so much to take into account as "What size or color should I choose?" or "How can I make combinations to style the space?" can simply overwhelm some. However, when done in the right way, wall art will bring the space together and your personality to it.

We have gathered some tips for you to make your choosing process easier but before sharing them we would like to remind you of our mock-up service. If you have an eye on a few of our art prints for your space but you don’t know which ones would look the best. Then we are here for you to help. Make a photo, facing straight into that wall, and email it to us. Tell us which art prints you would like to see on the mock-ups. We will make a couple of mock-ups for you to visualize how they would look on your wall.

Tip #1

Find something you love. The art you see should evoke enjoyment, excitement, or a sense of calm. If you don't get those feelings, don't put them on your wall. It is your home and you will be the one looking at that piece each and every time, so it is very important that it resonates with you.

Tip #2

Consider the available wall space. Before deciding on which size of wall art to choose, you need to consider the wall space available. If you have a large space to fill or you want to have one statement piece to use as a focal point, look for large wall art.

Do you want to bring several pieces of wall art into your space? Then you can consider a gallery wall. A gallery wall would always look nice whether you have a small or a large wall.

If you have a small space in a bathroom, kitchen, or hallway that you would like to bring some interest in and make cozy, go for small wall art.

Tip #3

Consider your existing interior decor. Take a look at your interior before purchasing new wall art. If it is a space filled with color, texture, and pattern, you might want to look for simple and neutral wall art that would balance the space. If your space is styled in neutral colors, you might want to add some colorful wall art to the walls to bring the space together.

Making combinations with our floral botanical art prints

Limited edition floral art prints are originally hand-printed in Switzerland. Then they are transformed into limited edition art prints. Each design is available only as a limited edition, is numbered and hand signed by the artist. There are various designs available in different colors and sizes.

There are no set rules on how to group art together, so enjoy the process of making something that resonates with you! Or to make it simpler, consider the art prints that we have made as a set. If you are indecisive on how to choose our botanical artwork or you are finding it hard to visualize how it would look in your interior, send me an email and I'm happy to think with you.​​​​

Our passion is to capture the beauty of flowers by means of printmaking and give them lasting life. We hope you'll find something that you love here and that brings a sense of joy to you and peace and calmness of nature into your interior.

Set 1 - Flower Dream Set 2 - Nature is Calling Set 3 - Blushing Mist


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