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Bringing the calm and joy of nature into your interior

Our mission is to capture the true beauty of flowers and foliage on paper and turn them into artwork that would last a lifetime.


From a couple of flowers or leaves to premium quality art prints that will find a forever home to infuse the space with the calm and joy of nature. 

What clients say
Julie B.


Zizi's beautiful floral prints bring the simplicity and beauty of nature inside!

I purchased several prints from her which are now hanging throughout our newly renovated home. They offer a peaceful feeling when you walk in the door with soft tones and hues of greens and pinks and I love how she captured the essence of the florals while maintaining a minimalist style. Thank you for bringing the serenity of nature into our home!"

Luisa B.


I love XiXi's art! During the summer it magically allows the garden to enter the house blending indoor and outdoor spaces. During the long, dark Dutch winter, XiXi's art makes me still feel connected with nature even when I am cocooned in my home. I also have to say the process to choose and order the art is simple. Finally, Zizi is always there to help me pick the perfect fit in order to create the atmosphere and visual experience I am looking for.

Emma S.


I had been following Xixi’s beautiful floral prints for a while on Instagram. Just looking at them through a screen I could feel peace.Xixi kindly agreed for me to visit her studio as I wanted to feel its ambiance and also to help me make up my mind on which ones to choose.
I could have bought all of them but settled on 3 prints.I love the subtle colours, the serenity they exude, the idea of a piece of nature which you keep forever. Looking at them in my study helps me to reconnect to nature when I feel overwhelmed, its beauty, its purity and its fragility.

Surround yourself with what you love

XiXi is a passion-driven brand and we absolutely love the process of creating, the flowers, the calm that derives during, and the outcome. That's why we create personal, calming, timeless, and lasting artwork for anyone who wants to feel connected to nature. 

One of our main values is quality so we offer premium quality in terms of materials and production. We want you to fall in love with your piece from the moment you hold it in your hands and that the art prints last on your walls for a lifetime. 

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