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Make your own Herbarium Cards

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

We thought the arrival of Spring well worth a celebration so here we share a fun creative activity with you. Here you will find our tips and tricks on how to make Herbarium cards with pressed flowers. This is a wonderful activity to do as a family as well during Easter break.

Pick flowers and leaves

It all starts by going on a walk in nature to pick various flowers and leaves. It is practical to bring a clipper and a basket with you. Later arrange them in paper towel and press them under heavy books or magazines for a few days until they are completely pressed and dried.

What you will need

- Blank greeting cards

- Clippers

- Tweezers (optional)

- A fine paintbrush

- White glue

- Pressed flowers

Design and Layout

Layout the flowers and the leaves to find the design that speaks to you the most before glueing them into the card. You can use a tweezer at this step.

How to glue

Using the paintbrush apply glue on the back of the flower/leaf - not much not less just enough to cover all the surface. Then stick the flower/leaf on the surface on the card by using the tweezer or your finger tips and apply pressure for a few seconds.

Hope you like the idea of making your own Herbarium cards. We would like to see and share your creations if you use #xixifloralprints on Instagram.

Sending warm wishes for a glorious Spring.

#herbariumcards #springcreativity

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