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5 reasons to get excited about this autumn

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

What a beautiful way it was to end September with warm sunny days, hazy mornings, stunning sunsets, and even a gorgeous full moon at the end. Autumn has officially arrived in our part of the world. The leaves are turning golden and soon to be followed by red and orange joining in the scenery.

I just love watching nature and watching the seasons change is the most magical thing of all.

There is a gentle rhythm in all that change. This helps us to notice the passing of time and reminds us of the world we live in. Here are the 5 reasons that I'm excited about this autumn.

1. Leaves changing color and beautiful autumn light

When you spot that the leaves turn golden yellow, orange, and red, it can only mean one thing: one of the most colorful seasons, autumn has arrived. A dazzling show of nature will be around for us to watch and enjoy.

This also means dropping temperatures and shorter days. Not something to be enthusiastic about but autumn light is quite different and it changes fast. The light gets softer and gold. It’s a joy to watch every moment of it.

2. Delicious seasonal products

October welcomes the most delicious of autumnal products, chestnut, pumpkin, mushroom, apple, pear, and so on. They make a comeback in our menus, warm and comforting food all the way. Time to enjoy these seasonal products. This also reminds us to be grateful to have this variety of products and not to take them for granted. It takes a year for each one of these products to grow and ripen and to be ready for picking.

3. Have a sensational autumn

Early autumn we already start to notice that the days are shorter, the air is crisper, the beautiful colors of autumn are a feast for our eyes. All these changes somehow remind us to slow down and rest. Autumn has so much to offer to our senses as well, yet we need to slow down and engage our senses to have awareness of these senses.

Here are a few ideas to have a sensational autumn:

Get outdoors and simply take a walk in nature. Look around and observe as many details as you can. What do you see in the ground? Can you see the earth or is it covered with leaves? What colors are the leaves on the trees? Is the sun shining or is the sky covered with clouds? Can you spot any animals? Close your eyes and listen to. What do you hear? Do you hear leaves falling? Are the birds chirping today? Do you hear the wind blowing? Ah, so and so! Enjoy slowing down and observing these details.

4. Getting cozy and warm

Ah! How cozy it sounds to sit next to a fire and listen to the crackling noise that it makes. You can even roast one or two marshmallows or maybe chestnuts. Turn a bit of music, put on your coziest cardigan and simply enjoy. It's great to burn candles in the evenings as well. With or without scent they would bring warmth and softness to your evenings.

It only gets cozier if you cook warm and comforting food. Put that chili on the stove and let it simmer for hours until the whole house is filled with its divine smell. It's also the season to cook all kinds of soups that we have missed.

5. Embrace the change and enjoy one of the most colorful and beautiful seasons.

Life is about change. If you look at the life cycles, they are composed of different stages and each contains at least one or two milestones that are determined by a significant change. This applies to nature as well. Nature has its own gentle rhythm. Each season brings a change in its own way. Observe daily your environment and spot what is different each day. Do you see the leaves are turning golden? Soon to be followed by red and orange joining in the scenery. Do you hear the wind in the warmth and comfort of your home? Do you feel the crispiness of the air, touching and sweeping your skin and hair? Hope you find your reasons to get excited about this autumn and you would enjoy one of the most colorful and beautiful seasons.


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