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How to use the wallpaper on your background

XiXi Botanical Wallpaper Juneberry1.png
XiXi Botanical Walpaper Poppy
XiXi Botanical WallPaper Hellebores.png
1. Hold your finger on the wallpaper you like the most.
2. You will see the 'ADD TO PHOTOS' option.
3. Click on that option.
4. The wallpaper will be added to your Photos on your phone. 
5. Go to your Photos and click on the image.

Click the box with the arrow coming out, pointing up

7. Scroll Down and click “USE AS WALLPAPER”

8. This will show you the image the way it will appear on your phone. You can move it around with your two fingers by pinching the screen and then expanding it the way you would see an image larger. Do this until you like the way it appears on your screen.

9. Then press "SET" if you like it or "CANCEL" if you want to choose a different image.

10. If you are ready to press SET, it will prompt 3 options: Set Lock Screen, Set Home Screen, or Set Both. You can choose which you prefer or again, press cancel if you don’t like the way it looks.
11. Setting as "HOME" screen will be the screen that you see when you are active on your phone.

12. Setting as "LOCK" screen will be the screen that appears when your phone is in the locked position (before you get into the phone menu.)
13. Setting as "BOTH" will provide you with the same image on both screens - I mostly choose this option.


  1. Identify the wallpaper that you like the most. Open that image in a new tab.

  2. Next, tap and continue to press the picture until a short menu emerges.

  3. From the menu, click on the option of “Save image or Download Image”. Doing so will cause the downloading process to start instantly. If you’re downloading a large picture, it may take a few more seconds for it to download.

  4. Start by pressing and holding a blank area on your home screen (be sure you are not holding down any apps), and home screen options will appear.

  5. Select "ADD WALLPAPER" and choose whether you want the image for "HOME SCREEN" "LOCK SCREEN" or "HOME AND LOCK SCREEN".

  6. Another set of options will appear where you can choose where the photo you would like to use will be coming from: GALLERY, PHOTOS, LIVE WALLPAPERS, WALLPAPERS.

  7. Choose your photo from the GALLERY and then crop the image to the size you’d like.

  8. When you have it the way you like, click DONE.

That’s it! Now you know how to change your Wallpaper Background on your phone!


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